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Robic SC-522 setting operation for 90 seconds into Countdown Timer Countdown from 120 seconds. ? The time will appear as 02.00 or Two minute:)) seconds; with the time value set at all zeros, press A to select minutes and seconds (the colon “:” appears). Enter the time by pressing and holding A > 3 seconds. The digit on the far right appears flashing…set it to zero (0) pressing C until 0 appears. Then, press A again to set the second digit from the right. Press C to advance to 3 Press A again and then C advance the digit to the immediate left of the colon to 1 Press D to load your time and exit the setting process. After entering the preset time, press C to start counting down. You may press C to stop (STOP appears) and restart the timing as required. If the Beep tone is active, single Pre-alert beeps sound with 30, 3, 2 and 1 seconds remaining. Upon completion, the SC-522 will sound a rapid beep tone and reset to the preset time. Pre-Alert and Completion time beep tones always sound whether Silent or Beep Tone

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